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Important Regulations:

  • Industrial Property Law

  • Memorandum No. CAS/1/OR/1598/2013

  • Madrid Protocol


Guidelines for the use of distinctive denominations for drugs

  • The distinguishing names of drugs shall be different in at least three letters for each word.

  • Two words are considered when there is a separation between them.

  • Punctuation marks or mathematical symbols can be used.

  • Names cannot make any reference to any treatment or part of the body.

  • The logo cannot allude or refer to any part of he body nor the product benefits.

  • Words that enhance the qualities, e.g.: Plus, Forte, etc. are not accepted.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property is the agency responsible for the control, authorization, surveillance and analysis of the trademarks in Mexico

Trademark Holder

Any Mexican or foreign company can be the owner and holder of a trademark in Mexico. Foreign companies must issue a power of attorney for a Mexican citizen to represent it.


Duration of the trademark:

  • 10 years

  • Renewable


Internationalize your trademark:

  • We analyze if the Madrid protocol is applicable

  • If the registration is made per country

Requirements for the formalities:

  • Applicant's name

  • Applicant's address

  • Applicant's nationality

  • Exact address of the factory or establishment

  • Date of first use in Mexico or mention that it has not been used

  • In case of logo; deliver the design in a clear picture in .JPEG or .BMP format

  • Articles or services that protect the trademark

  • Power of attorney

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